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Are You Ready To Live The Life You Truly Deserve?

The Gauntlet

Healing your past to create a beautiful & abundant future

Our next Gauntlet will begin Monday, March 27th  & Thursday, March 30th @ 8:30PM ET & will continue for 8 weeks

This is your chance to finally be seen & heard for all the pain that you’ve endured. To be met with acceptance for who you truly are for (perhaps) the first time in your life.

And, when you show your authentic truth and your stories, you’ll be met with Love, connection and acceptance.. and NOT judgement or rejection.

This is your chance to finally be seen & heard for all the pain that you’ve endured. To be met with acceptance for who you truly are for (perhaps) the first time in your life.

And, when you show your authentic truth and your stories, you’ll be met with Love, connection and acceptance.. and NOT judgement or rejection.

This accelerated program is for you if...

You are looking to heal those deep wounds, but don’t know where to begin.

You’re dedicated to inner healing and creating a life you truly deserve, a life you will love to live; a fulfilled, contented existence.

If you are feeling stuck and you find yourself repeating old, destructive patterns

You’re ready to invite positive and fulfilling relationships and are prepared to break out of old patterns, and step out of, or away from, dysfunctional dynamics.

It’s also for you if you’re feeling anxious with a lack of confidence

You’re prepared to battle the sense of low self-worth and are ready to begin setting boundaries that will align you with a new and more secure version of yourself, a version that prioritizes self-care and complete fulfillment.

The Gauntlet is a unique and immersive 8 week healing program, designed to take individuals through the powerful journey of discovering their most authentic selves, through healing the childhood wounds and shedding the layers of conditioning that has followed them for years.


Yats Palat, is the Director of the Inner Yats group as well as the lead facilitator on the Gauntlet.

Yats’ journey was challenging, and like most leaders, began with trauma. Physical abuse, and elements of emotional abuse, further being sent away to boarding school all created a strong abandonment and rejection wound. This showed up massively in the way he sought relationships, connection and validation of the outside world.

At one point heartbreak came to him so hard and so painful, that he embarked on his own inner work journey to find healing for himself. This took him on a path of working with therapists, Yogis (in India), academic research of social psychology, relationship development, neuroscience, trauma and more. All to really work on himself. And as he found more strength, stability, and healing within himself and his relationships, he realized he had so much to offer to people who needed healing in their own lives, and that would be his way of giving back.

Today, he uses his powerful gift of psychoanalysis, with therapeutic techniques designed through tools, meditations, and compassionate inquiries in the Gauntlet to help thousands of people access areas of their lives that need healing. And in the process, he has helped them evolve, and find love for themselves first, and then security, safety and connection in their lives and their relationships.


Kristina is a co-facilitator on the Gauntlet where she has guided dozens of people on their healing journey.

She has an extensive background in early child development and has seen first hand the impact of developmental trauma.

Kristina has personally worked through & healed her own abandonment trauma, insecure attachment style, over a decade’s worth of eating disorders, and fundamental beliefs of never being good enough.

The Gauntlet

The Gauntlet is structured around our proven Signature

C.A.R.E process:


Co-regulaton: creating collective safety for healing


Abundance: changing wounded beliefs to an attitude of "deserving the best"


Reparenting: connecting with the inner child to heal wounds and patterns of conditioning


Empowerment: taking responsibility for attracting better relationships and a better future.

Going through the 8 weeks of the Gauntlet, you will:

Create a strong identity with high levels of Self-Love & Belief








There are many methods that lead to a life of healing, balance and happiness.

Within The Gauntlet, we utilize some of the most powerful, high-level and emotionally intense healing techniques such as:

– Psychodramas,
– Theta Level meditations,
– Co-regulation exercises,
– Nervous System Regulations,
– Conscious Nervous System Hyperactivations,
– Visualisations,
– Reparenting processes

And so much more…

So, what’s the journey?

week one

Creating the foundation & learning the tools required on the journey

This week is the week where we really get to tell our stories and explore what brought us to the Gauntlet.

We learn first - the power of co-regulation and showing up for each other in the container.

Yats takes us through first experiences of an inner child meditation, connecting us with parts of ourselves we need to recognize.

week TWO

Discovering & Healing the Core Wounds and Attachment Styles

The core of the work starts this week. Deep theta level meditations will take us into our subconscious, to access memories, emotions stored deep within, including within our bodies, that will help us witness where our core wounds lie and where they show up.

Powerful emotional release sessions help us witness that inner child, the pain they’re going through from their attachment wounds and the love and healing they need.

week THREE

Understanding & Releasing Resentment

Resentment holds onto us strongly hampering the connections we can make in our lives.

They reduce our vibrational experience. They hold us back.

In this week, we’ll go through a therapeutic technique called a ‘Psychodrama’, to be able to understand our resentment, the individuals we have it with, and also to create the understanding required for the release.

week FOUR

Understanding & Healing Shame:

Shame is one of the heaviest emotions. It handicaps our emotional freedom and ability to feel safe, secure, strong.

We will learn methods of release, and comprehension that take us through where shame is stored within our minds and bodies.

We will learn to truly give ourselves compassion, learn to find safety within, and to release guilt and shame holding onto us.

week FIVE

Masks, Survival Programs & Triggers

We now move upwards through the journey, further into actions, reactivity and awareness of identities of ourselves in the present moment.

Discovering the influences of the core wound will show us the motivations behind the masks, the survival programs and especially triggers we have in the present moment.

Working through the healing allows us to decide the identity we want to create for ourselves

week SIX

Shadow Work

This program is one of the few inner work programs that takes us through the intricacies of deep shadow work. That is, discovering parts of ourselves that we’ve shamed and rejected over the years because of the conditioning and disapproval of the world around us.

Through the coregulation aspect especially, we learn to recognize, accept and even embrace these sides of ourselves, giving us a powerful and authentic life experience.

week SEVEN

Self Love, Boundaries & Communication

Now we start moving towards what we’re to manifest in our lives.

By learning the practices and making commitments to ourselves, we increase that level of self love and worth, thereby allowing us to recognize where boundaries are required to protect our new value and identity of ourselves.

We will learn different boundary techniques, and practice among our peers some of the boundaries we need.

week EIGHT

Visualising the Future Path and Accountability

The last and final week of this journey is all about visualizing the journey we want to be on - the life we want to be living- the love, connections, and manifestations we want to have.

And then creating an account for this so we can be accountable to ourselves, and create a path for us to live on.

This is also the week with our big graduation session- The Pinnacle! Where we will be celebrating ourselves and our journey.

Are You Ready To Live The Life You Truly Deserve And Invite Love And Fulfilment Into Your Relationships?

The Gauntlet

Eight weeks. Eight milestones. A whole new you.

Existing inside of you is a beautiful child. This sweet child didn’t have the capacity to create their own identity themselves.

Their identity was formed around the way they were treated by others.

If they were loved and protected, they felt secure, safe and deserving of that love.

But… if their caregivers were consumed by their own challenges, had their own wounds ruling them, or their egos dictating their own perception of the world, then this child’s security would become damaged.

In this instance, caregivers may not be capable of showing up for the child with love, with support, and with respect.

Maybe they even shamed the child. Judged them. Ignored them. Invalidated them. Pushed them to perform, to please the parents.

Maybe there was abuse - physical or emotional.

But now, this child will naturally come to believe that what’s happening to them is because of how and who they are. It’s a case of nurture and acceptance.

It is far more difficult to believe an alternate reality exists, than to simply accept that the way we are treated is anything but deserved.

So they start to believe they are unlovable, unworthy and not deserving of love, support and validation.

These beliefs follow the child as they grow...into a teen... A young adult… And into their adult life.

These beliefs are carried in the form of an identity that we adopt. An identity, perhaps we didn’t want, and perhaps aren’t aware that we have or that we can change.

These beliefs show up in similar treatment, similar situations.

Patterns repeat, and continuously bring out that belief, that “I am not worthy. I am not deserving. I can’t find love”.

This child continues to live inside the adult as the inner child, motivating their actions, emotions, reactions and partnerships.

UNTIL this inner child is recognized and the trauma is soothed, and the wounds are healed, the patterns and the wounds will continue to perpetuate…..

So the big question for you is….. How have your caregivers really showed up for you in your life? What do you believe about yourself? What patterns have they created?

And are you ready to radically transform into your highest self?

That’s what we’re here to help with.

The Gauntlet

Eight weeks. Eight milestones. A whole new you.

A few words before you schedule your free coaching session:

The Gauntlet program is only for people who truly desire to do the deep inner work.

It is for people who desire to make strong change in their lives, and to invite love and fulfillment.

It is for people who want to let go of the chains holding them back, and are willing to live a life of emotional freedom.

If you are ready to be that person, and to commit to this work, we are ready to help you to live the life you truly deserve so you can bring love and fulfilment into your relationships.

What Else Is Included?

16 live Group sessions with facilitators in a safe container

14 practical tools for healing during the process

8 chapters educational video library + 2 weeks bonus content

3 days of Accountability partner conversations per week

2 weekly journaling / reflecting prompts per week

Daily self-love routine

Multiple breathing techniques for nervous system regulation/ release, including Om vibrational breathing, Box breathing, Holotropic breathing etc.

Compassionate inquiry with facilitators

Community development on a platform (Discord) for engagement, accountability, support

Attachment theory and core wound healing

Shame and Resentment release

Building of internal security + high self worth

Listen to these words from The Gauntlet leaders

The Gauntlet

Eight weeks. Eight milestones. A whole new you.

The Gauntlet is an amazing 8 week inner work journey which teaches you how to look deep inside yourself and find the truths about why you are living with the patterns which you become aware that you have. ...understanding how my childhood experiences led me into my lifelong beliefs, expectations, judgements, and ultimately my attachment style and triggers. It doesn't stop there...

This experience was by far the best thing I’ve done for myself! There really is no monetary value that you can put on this, due to the life long journey that it begins. The biggest take away for me was just the heightened awareness of self and life and just how it helps make life and day to day things feel way more fulfilling! Through Yats and his team the world will be changed.

This course changed my life. I have learned and grown so much in 8 weeks, its incredible.  ..they make you feel safe and give you all the tools you could possibly need to perform deep, meaningful inner work. I would recommend this course to everyone, and already have to many of my friends in family, because it really is foundational for having a joyful, fulfilling, truthful and amazing life!!!

I had been looking at this program for almost a year before I pushed past the resistance and excuses that were holding me back. I can say, with 100% authenticity, that wherever you are in your healing journey, this program can offer you the tools, connections, perspectives and support to catapult your growth and have an immediate, positive impact on your life and those you love. My only suggestion....don't wait as long as I did!

The 8 weeks of The Gauntlet was a journey of self understanding, compassion and love. The experience
of learning about myself in a “safe container” created and fostered by the facilitators, Yats and Kristina was one of the warmest experiences I have had in my life. The weekly calls and journal prompts were the accountability I needed to start doing inner work.

The Gauntlet led me on a journey of growth, love and healing. I can't say enough good things about the program. I am a better and grown person, who is connected to their inner self and is full of compassion and acceptance. I feel lucky to have been a part of this life-changing experience. It's like a map and a treasure hunt that is a catalyst for your healing journey. I would wish this on everyone - the human species needs education like this so that we can be better.
I highly recommend it! The best investment you could make for yourself!

The Gauntlet provided me a safe space to work through my emotions and express my feelings while receiving support and positive feedback. I learned how to strengthen my self-worth, connect to my inner child and reparent myself by releasing and healing past traumas. I’ve implemented the breathing techniques to regulate my nervous system to help me better address the triggers in my life and calm my anxiety. I needed to take control of my life, to believe and trust in myself. I needed to EMPOWER myself. The Gauntlet provided me with all the necessary tools to accomplish this. I am not the same person I was 8 weeks ago. I’ve undergone a massive transformation and the inner work only continues for me.

I highly recommend this program. The Gauntlet is an intensive program that requires a significant investment of time, effort, and money. It was well worth it. The facilitators provide a wealth of tools, experiences, and processes through fun and engaging Zoom workshops that allowed me to finally make real headway on childhood wounds that have been so difficult to heal. In the process I connected with other participants and the facilitators in a meaningful way. As I began to use these tools, I noticed increased inner security as I navigated my breakup and other relationships in my life. I finally understood how to connect with the child within and how that will allow me to heal and grow. I have left other personal growth workshop unsure what the concrete takeaway was from my investment. What's great about the Gauntlet is that they provide a clear, actionable blueprint for healing the wounded inner child. I'm so grateful I participated in this program and I am hopeful and excited about what's to come. 

I have healed more in the past 8 weeks than in the past 8 years. If you are questioning whether or not you want to do this program. You should do it. I have no doubt that combining all the dedicated learnings with the detailed orchestration of group calls and oath buddy accountability has been extremely effective for me. The Inner Yats team really cares and gives their all into the program to make sure everyone gets the value they deserve. My quality of life has exponentially improved. My existing relationships are much stronger and clearer. The relationships I had to let go of are gone forever without any doubt that they were necessary endings. I'm living the life I always dreamed of. I'm attracting the lifelong friendships and quality romantic partners though the secure inner strength I discovered through the Gauntlet. I have finally tapped into the invincible summer of my heart I always knew was there but didn't know how to express.